P.C. Learn IT can help you with the National Broadband Network, either getting connected or extending to other buildings at your location.

NBN Fixed Wireless internet and phone services are now available across the North Coast Region.

With more sites coming online, means more premises now have access to the high speed infrastructure.

You can check your address on the NBN website or contact us for more local information.

Not too sure, we will be able to help you, simply complete enquiry form and will be in touch.

Did you know that if you are already connected to the NBN you can have more than one service provider to your premises? We can setup multiple services, load balance between them or have one dedicated for one use i.e. streaming services and the other for voice and normal internet surfing. Up to 4 services can be installed at your premises. Contact us now.. Free quotes available.

Below is information from the NBNCO.